We provide strategy, architecture, design, security and development for mobile applications. For a positive user experience all apps must have the best features.

Feedback system

The importance of having some way for users to provide feedback on your app is critical.


We can adjust settings for your app: colors, font sizes and, most importantly, privacy settings if it happens to be a social app.

Social media login

Start the user experience out right! Use Facebook Connect or another single sign on technology solution to allow your customers to use their social media logins to sign into the mobile app.

Push Notification

Notify your customers of your latest updates or special events through the app to help increase engagement, sales and customer satisfaction.

GPS Directions

Give your customers turn-by-turn GPS directions to your business from anywhere in the world.

More Features

One Touch Calling, Food Ordering, Mobile Shopping Cart, Mobile Reservations and much more...

About Us

Our mission at CallSoft Inc. is to deliver high-quality products to our customers.

We create meaningful user experiences that people remember and are happy to use everyday.

Passionated by the way software can transform our lives and our businesses, CallSoft delivers answers to the interface problem. We offer tailored solutions that seamlessly integrate with your business.


Change ideas into action, from blueprint to implementation and beyond.

  Web development

Your company doesn`t need just a website, but much more than that. We will take care of your website development starting with setting the strategy, continuing with the optimal tehnical solution implementation, and finishing with the tested product delivery. We cand host, manage, monitor and update.

  Application Development

If your team has an app idea that needs to be turned into reality, you can always ask for help. Our development team will put all of its knowledge & passion to work to deliver quality solutions for your specific needs.

 UX Design

A perfect balance between beautiful design and advanced functionality is paramount for your project’s success. Our design team is always keen on pushing the boundaries to achieve a perfect UX.

 Multi-channel Marketing

We understand that businesses are now interested in starting a conversation with an audience rather than simply delivering a marketing message to a customer. We can help with a new strategy to pull your audience towards your brand.

 CTI Solution

We are the best with computer-telephony integration applications: asterisk-based Voip solutions, call center, PBX system, predictive dialers.


We specialize in the high quality support of mobile solutions for any platform. Taking comprehensive events analytics as a basis, monitoring user feedback and ratings in the app stores, tracking and fixing bugs we propose forehanded improvements to build customers long-term engagement.


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Let’s design your career path together!

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