Mango Wood Open Bookcase Unit

£ 469.95
If you have a huge collection of books and don't want to keep it hidden away in boxes, this outstanding Mango Dakota Open Bookcase Unit can be an excellent solution for keeping your items, close at your hand. It features stylish mango hardwood finish, 5 open compartments, rectangular shelves and sturdy construction that appealing in appearance. You can decorate your home by showcasing various collectibles and ornaments, which makes your room more inspiring. You can also place your vases collection, modern art sculptures, picture frame, books, magazine and even CDs/DVDs collection. A trendy and attractive Mango Dakota Open Bookcase Unit with 5 compartments Display furniture in mango hardwood finish can be used to divide your room in a very fashionable manner Your guests will surely compliment on its style, finish, color, shape, design, materials and appearance This can be an excellent solution to your storage & display requirements Ideal for keeping your books close at hand Top quality materials are used for long life and strength Available at an affordable price Dimensions: W75x D34x H175cm