Savona Wooden Dining Table In Rust With 6 Pavo Dining Chairs

£ 1 349.95
Savona Small Dining Table Rectangular In Rust With Stainless Steel Legs and 6 Pavo Dining Chairs, will be the most suitable for any modern dining room. This Dining Set made using Wood Rust finish sealed (Rust look) and PU Leather. This Dining set will add a contemporary flair to your home. This dining set has a unique design and is perfect for sitting on during long family meals. Ultra Modern, Stylish dining set will add a contemporary touch to any dining room. Select the Chair Colour from Above Option Features: Savona Rectangular Dining Table Small In Rust Top With Stainless Steel Legs Finish: Wood Rust finish sealed (Rust look) and PU Leather The tabletop is in honeycomb panel and its sealed in Rust(Rust look) Flat Stainless Steel Brushed Legs Top plate Thickness 50mm Flat Pipe 120x40mm Legs with Brushed Stainless Steel Rectangular Dining Table with U Shape Legs Designed for enduring beauty Timeless design with Durable construction Attractive And Elegant look Dining Table also Available in Rust Top And Grey Top 6 Pavo Swinging Faux Leather Dining Chair With Handle Hole Pavo dining chair with thick cushioned padded seat and back in faux leather With stylish Flat Tube 30x15mm Stainless Brushed Steel legs Dining Chair Available in Brown(PAVE16BX) and Grey(PAVE16GX) Best Suitable For Your Dining or Kitchen Area Available at an Affordable Price Dimensions: Dining Table:(ST18EGRV) W 180cm x H 77cm x D 100cm Dining Chair:(PAVE16_X) W 44cm x H 100cm x D 56cm