Millbrook Perfect Sleep England Pocket 2000 Mattress - Single (3' x 6'3")

£ 699.74
Designed with comfort and quality in mind this Official Team England Hockey bed is sure to provide the perfect nights sleep Made from insulating and breathable Hampshire wool silk cashmere and cotton MattressNextDay is proud to be the exclusive online retailer for this Millbrook Perfect Sleep England Pocket 2000 MattressThis exclusive 2000 pocket spring mattress also comes with a free Vivosmart 3 Activity Tracker from Garmin worth 12999 RRP If youre looking for a great nights sleep that combines luxurious quality with the comfort of genuine natural Hampshire wool this mattress might just be the best choice for youA breathable flexible and versatile material Hampshire wool provides additional bounce and a plush finish thanks to a fuller texture than that of standard wool Each layer provides additional padding that will make every nights sleep your best yet Combined with a softtouch Egyptian cotton cover your sleep will never be betterAnd of course to show our pride for the England team this mattress is made in the UK the home of England Hockey Hand stitching is used to ensure that your mattress lasts longer and offers you the best support possibleThis mattress is covered by a 10year warranty ensuring youll keep on getting the best nights sleep for years to comeHow to claim your free Garmin vvosmart 3When youve purchased a Millbrook Perfect Sleep England Pocket 2000 Mattress follow these steps1 Download the Millbrook Beds app from the App Store or the Google Play Store2 Register your warranty on the app3 Choose the option to receive your free tracker4 You will get sent a generated code unique to you and a link to the Millbrook Beds Garmin page5 Click the link choose what colour Garmin you want6 Go to the checkout and use your unique codeYour free Garmin sleep tracker should be with you within a few days