MemoryPedic Memory Coil Ikea Size Mattress

£ 254.99
With a layer of high-density visco-elastic polymer gel that was originally developed for NASA missions, the MemoryPedic Memory Coil European Size Mattress moulds to fit your body shape as you sleep.The mattress will help you find the best sleeping position as soon as you get into bed and has an extra firm edge to prevent you rolling off the bed during the night. The mattress also has a traditional coil spring system for added comfort and support.In addition to the unique support system offered by this mattress, it's also hypoallergenic and features a convenient dry-cleanable cover that is anti-dust mite. This mattress combines support with quality detailing making it a luxurious sleep system.The MemoryPedic Memory Coil European Size Mattress comes in an European size to fit your continental bed frame.