Garde Sideboard In High Gloss White And Black With Led Light

£ 599.95
Garde Sideboard 2 Door 3 Drawer in White Gloss With Lights With Insets Connect a modern lifestyle with the characteristic flavor of the simple french style. To obtain living spaces where you feel like an insider in a non-hectic and idyllic time. The gloss furniture is very durable thanks to high quality materials and quality testing. If you like modern, yet light, now mixes the french style with contemporary style materials and led lighting details. Elegance is created by the combination of high quality natural materials from solid aim of this look and feel. Garde, the series creates a cozy and warm atmosphere in which one feels secure) matching mirror available separately cabinet for living room contemporary French design Structure of particle board thickness 18 mm. Plate thickness 36 mm. Gloss lacquer. Drawers and doors with retarder system. Lighting under plexi neon tube. Front Dimensions approx: Shape: Rectangular Width 210 cm Height 85 cm Depth 47 cm led lighting included Style Timeless