Norfolk Wooden Sideboard With Drawers Pine Antique Brown

£ 799.95
Norfolk Pine Antique Brown Finish With Metal Sideboard With Drawers Connect a modern lifestyle with the characteristic flavor of the simple country style. To obtain living spaces where there is a more rustic feel and a sense of calm and tranquility. The wooden furniture is very durable thanks to high quality materials and quality testing. If you like rustic, yet light, now mixes the classic country style with vintage materials and metal details. Elegance is created by the combination of high quality natural materials from wood and metal. ,Norfolk series creates a cozy and warm atmosphere in which one feels secure. Norfolk sideboard 2 wooden doors 3 Drawers FINCAT02 Front & Body: Prepare pine antique brown finish : Metal frame : antique look black lacquered, Handles: antique look black lacquered Dimensions approx: W / H / D 190 x 88 x 43 cm Shape: Rectangular Width 190 Height 88 Depth 43 Material Wood Species Norfolk Color pine antique brown finish ,antique look black lacquered, Handles: antique look black lacquer Style Timeless