Huxley Wooden Living Room Set 1 In Bianco Oak And LED

£ 1 719.95
Huxley Wooden Living Room Furniture Set 1 In Bianco Oak And LED, this luxurious set will be a great addition to your living room and gives your home a natural relaxed feel. Made of Bianco Oak with metal stainless steel look trims. This Set includes Left Display Cabinet, High TV Stand, Wall Mounted Display Shelf and Right Combi Highboard. This Set will make an excellent feature in any modern home. Features: Huxley Wooden Living Room Furniture Set 1 In Bianco Oak And LED Front: branch oak Bianco solid surface oiled Body: exterior oak Bianco veneered, inside oak Bianco imitation Cabinet Shedding: Metal-stainless steel look Rear walls behind glass door: slate imitation Metal handles: milled in stainless steel look Doors: steamed LED Lighting is included 2-er LED Spot White Light (06022ZB) for Display Cabinet And Combi Highboard Matching Range furniture also available Ideal for your living room, Bedroom or dining room Available at an affordable price Huxley Wooden Left Display Cabinet In Bianco Oak With LED,(ESP11T14) 1 Door with glass inserts and Glass Shelves inisde the door 2-er LED Glass Clips(06072ZB) Dimension: W 64cm x H 201cm x D 39cm Huxley Wooden High TV Stand In Bianco Oak With 1 Drawer, (ESP11T35) 1 drawer and 2 compartments Drawer guide: Underfloor guide damped Dimension: W 124cm x H 51cm x D 52cm Huxley Wooden Wall Mounted Display Shelf In Bianco Oak And LED, (ESP11T58) 1 shelf LED Band Lighting 115cm is included(06083ZB) Dimension: W 124cm x H 24cm x D 23cm Huxley Right Combi Highboard In Bianco Oak With 2 Doors And LED, (ESP11T25) 2 Doors of with 1 door has glass inserts Dimension: W 94cm x H 136cm x D 39cm Overall Dimension: Width: 301cm Height: 201cm Deoth: 52cm