Libya Living Room Set 2 In White High Gloss With LED Lighting

£ 1 569.95
Libya Living Room Set 2 In White High Gloss With LED Lighting will make a perfect addition in your living room Finish: White High Gloss Features: Libya Living Room Set 2 In White High Gloss With LED Lighting White High Gloss Finish Front: White High Gloss Body: White Replica With Stainless Steel Coloured Metal Frame Back Wall: Behind Drawer and Doors White Replica Doors With Damping LED Lighting Metal Doors Hinges Handles And Feet are made of Metal This Modern Style Display Cabinet Offers Sufficient Storage Space It is the Perfect piece of furniture for modern style home dcor Matching Range Furniture Available Available at an Affordable Price Note: Double LED Spotlight(2er Spot in White)(07022ZB) Comes as 1 Set. Of Which 1 LED is Used for TRE83T10 And other 1 for TRE83T21. Libya Left Glass Display Cabinet In White High Gloss With LED Lighting(TRE83T10+LED) 1 Door With Clear Glass Insert 4 wooden Shelf and 1 Glass Shelf behind the Doors LED Spot Lighting In White (1 x 07022ZB) (incl. Transformer and supply line) Single LED Light (1 x 07071ZB) for Glass Shelf Dimension: W 64cm x H 201cm x D 38cm Libya Large LCD TV Stand In White High Gloss With 1 Drawer And 2 Open Compartment(TRE83T31) It can Accommodate 50 TV Screen 1 Drawer and 2 Open Compartment It provides Storage Space for Media Accessories Dimension: W 124cm x H 51cm x D 52cm Libya Wide Wall Mount Display Shelf In White Gloss Grey With LED(TRE83T51+LED) White High Gloss finish Panel: Grey Replica Bottom: White Replica Set 4. LED strip about 165cm long, Set incl . transformer and supply line(1 X 07084ZB) LED Light placed Horizontally behind Below Panel Dimension: W 184cm x H 25cm x D 23cm Libya Right Glass Highboard In White High Gloss With LED Lighting(TRE83T21+LED) 2 Doors With Damping 2 Doors among which One Door has Glass Insert and the other one Wooden Door Shelving present behind Each Door LED Spot Lighting In White(1 x 07022ZB)(incl. Transformer and supply line) Dimension: